Light in the Front

1973 Datsun 240Z Resto-Mod

The front suspension is off! I had a stumble and it took me longer than I thought because I didn’t want to follow the process outlined in the service manual. The book wants one to remove the entire front end as a unit and then disassemble it. Given that I wanted to keep the car on jack stands until it’s stripped to give the rotisserie a break, I couldn’t get the car high enough off the ground to make the struts clear it when I pulled it out.

So I ended up doing a slow and methodical disassembly of the unit while triple checking it at every step to make sure nothing was going sideways.

After the front hubs, brakes, dust shields, rotors, etc. we’re off I took the tie rod ends and various other bolts off one at a time.

I had to remove the bar that ties the two ends of the rotisserie together in order to get the kick under there to support everything, but eventually all the components were separated and I was able to pull the knuckles out, followed by the struts, and then the cross bar and steering rack last.