Almost Stripped

1973 Datsun 240Z Resto-Mod

The car is now ready to flip! I did a test flip and found out that I don’t have it balanced quite right, and that the rotisserie won’t let me go to a full 90 degrees. I will make some adjustments and see what happens, but even at one notch from fully sideways it’s still WAY easier to get in there and pull parts off.

The next step is to strip the brake and fuel lines, get the last few bits and bobs off, and scrape the underside so I can sandblast on the 17th.

First off, it’s awesome when my wife buys me something super thoughtful, and these amazing set of tiles that make a shop matt for my garage are no exception! Go get some.

Also, taking out the rear suspension wasn’t as straight forward as the front. I got hung up a couple of times trying to figure out how to get the differential out when the center bar from the rotisserie is in the way, but a long 4×4 and a friend helped with the task.


I took a stab at separating the rear control arm from the rear strut, but found out pretty quickly that this is the most difficult part of disassembling a Z car. I purchased the spindle pulling tool from Z Car Depot, which is generally a good source of all things Z, but in this case it didn’t do the job. You can see below that the side walls of the tube aren’t thick enough and it collapsed as the screw was tightened. It looks like I am going to have to resort to taking them to a shop and having them pressed out.