Rotisserie Options

Car Inspiration & Research

I’ve been digging around the internet for the best deal on a rotisserie and this is what I have found (I am not really considering lifts without jacks but might go there if I have to. I am not considering making a rotisserie for a variety of reasons, even though I am certain I could make a fairly nice one on my own, so save your breath). In every case I will need to buy or fabricate the brackets that attach the rotisserie to the car, so I did not factor in those costs. After comparing a ton of them I have four finalists listed in descending order by price:

Grey-Green with a Rally Hood

Car Inspiration & Research

So some more thoughts on paint while I keep pulling crap of this car. I really like the idea of a black hood, but I am not a fan of just the hood. It’s defeats the purpose (cutting glare).

This looks rad:

So I messed around with an orange one I found on speed hunters in photoshop and ended up with this:



And then I thought about the color on this BMW M1, also from Speedhunters and came up with this:

Anyway, back to work.